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"Accounting, Venture Capital, Loans, Insurance Consultation."
Accounting, Venture Capital, Loans, Insurance Consultation, For The Start Up And Established Business.

"Advanced Air Care Inc"

offering products and services to improve indoor air quality.

"Air Quality Sciences Ltd"

- providing indoor air quality products and services including: product emissions testing, laboratory analysis, toxicology studies,and test kits.

"Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration Institute"

representing manufacturers.

"Americlean Services Corporation"

a certified SBA 8(a) engineering/consulting firm specializing in HVAC contamination detection, abatement, and monitoring.

"Andys Best CAD"

Providing AutoCAD design and drafting services for HVAC plumbing mechanical fabrication, architectural

"Burger and Associates"

designs and erects cooling towers as well as offering consulting services and seminars.

"CEC Consultants, Inc"

specializing in energy cost reduction, HVAC and facilities design, building comfort and indoor air quality services for major corporations.

"Chelsea Group Ltd"

environmental consulting, information services, and technology company with a specialty in indoor air quality.

"Cooling Tower Services"

offering cooling tower inspections, testing, consultation, bid evaluations, specification reviews, and more.

"Environmental Pool Systems Inc. (E.P.S. Inc."

design, engineering, architectural and mechanical consulting for indoor pools. Manufacturer of DRY-AIR stainless steel dehumidifiers.

"Environmental Support Solutions, Inc."

software, training, and facility services to help plant engineeers, HVAC/R service technicians, and environmental officers comply with regulations.

"Estrella Engineering Inc."

Estrella Engineering Incorporated offers quality mechanical engineering services to commercial clients, government and public agencies, architects and other consulting engineering firms throughout the southeast. For the client also requiring electrical engineering, we offer our services as the prime firm providing electrical design through an associate electrical engineer. Incidental services can also be provided through associates in the fields of civil engineering, structural engineering and architecture.

"Haynal and Company, Inc."

provides Title 24 energy calculations and HVAC design for the construction industry.

"Hudson, Ink"

Hudson, Ink provides “turn-key” or custom ads and marketing tools to get - and keep - more customers. This includes copywriting services, lead-generating Yellow Page ads, Customer retention newsletters and HVAC Marketing PowerPacks, a package of ads, marketing materials, plus a simple but powerful 12-month marketing plan. It tells you what to spend, and when to run what ads. Hudson, Ink provides many free articles on how to improve your marketing performance. You can also get a free marketing tips newsletter that contains money-savers, time-savers, and clever ways to market smarter.

"Hvacware com"

Developed to aid the engineer, architect, contractor and other HVAC professionals select and specify boilers, air handlers, heating coils andhydronic fin tube (base board).

"Ideal Handling | Material handling specialists"

Providing a wide range of Health & Safety Products and Services, including Risk Assessments, Material Handling and PAT Testing.

"Indoor Air Quality Publications"

resource for news, information, and conferences addressing indoor pollution, indoor air quality, healthy buildings, and lead poisoning prevention.

"Indoor Air Service Inc"

educational, general awareness video on indoor air quality that does not promote sales of any companies, products or services.

"Indoor Air Solutions Inc"

an indoor air quality testing and diagnostic firm.

"John Cooper and Associates"

specializes in cooling tower thermal performance, upgrades, and testing.

"K.D. Engineering"

indoor air quality monitoring equipment and testing; HVAC maintenance and balancing.

"Kunz Richard"

- consulting on indoor air quality and water cooled HVAC systems.

"Linric Company"

software developer and engineering services company specializing in desiccant dehumdification and humidity control.

"Marketech Solutions"

Marketech Solutions provides the technical expertise required to bring your new products to market using the latest software products

"Mellow Designs"

Since 1998 MELLOW DESIGNS has been providing CAD & WEB design services to engineering firms,Engineers,designers,manufactures, Machine shops,builders,construction,HVAC,plumbing,Architectural,Environmental,Civil

"Mjc inc"

engineered modifications for HVAC equipment and corrosion prevention with protective coatings

"National air duct cleaners association (NADCA)"

NADCA created industry standards, credentialing programs, and a system of continuing education for air duct cleaners

"National Comfort Institute"

national organization that providestraining for HVAC contractors and their employees. We offer training and certification on air diagnostics/balancing, Carbon Monoxide, Sales, Marketing, and Business Management.

"National Kerosene Heater Association"

provides consumer information about selection, safety, and studies on portable kerosene heaters.

"Pro-Air Devices Inc"

manufacturers' consultants for the HVAC industry.

"Puckorius & Associates, Inc."

consulting on potable, cooling, boiler, process, waste, and reuse waters to all water-using industries.

"Real World Corrosion Monitoring"

New patented pipe corrosion monitor provides a brilliant color change once a certain amount of wall loss occurs in the system.

"Ronald R. Thomas, PE - Engineering Services"

specializing in solving HVAC and energy conservation problems.

"Technical Air Balance"

HVAC testing and balancing.

"TRI/Environmental - Indoor Air Quality"

- testing and test kits for residential and commercial clients.

"Ultrasonic Pipe Testing"

Ultrasonic pipe testing identifies corrosion rate, wall thickness and remaining service life without cutting out pipe.

"W.E. Kuriger Associates"

sells carbon monoxide, radon and smoke detectors as well as oil and liquid absorbents.Performs asbestos and dust analysis and provides indoor air consulting.

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