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"AAF International"
manufacturer of commercial air filtration products and systems primarily for commercial, institutional, and industrial customers.

"Absolute Air Cleaners and Purifiers"

offers a variety of products for dust, allergy, and asthma control.

"AERNOVA Engineering S.r.l."

developing and manufacturing emissions and contamination control equipment for industrial and lab applications; and home air filtration/cooling systems.

"Aero-Flo Industries, Inc."

manufactures Poly-Flo washable air filter media and the Aero-Flo duct fan for hard to heat or cool rooms.

"Air Cleaners Inc. (ACI)"

manufacturer of electrostatic air filters.

"Air Doctor"

sells air filters and other allergy-relief products. Also provides air duct decontamination services.

"Air Filter Manufacturers: Irema Ireland"

Developer and manufacturer of synthetic filter media especially for HVAC applications, exporting globally.

"Air Filter Service Company, Inc."

supplier of filtration products and services to utilities, commercial, and industrial customers.

"Air Filter Store, The"

offers electrostatic air filters and air cleaners for rooms and automobiles.

"Air Filters Plus, Inc."

guaranteed door to door delivery of HVAC air filters for residences and businesses.

"Air Filters, Inc."

we carry HVAC, custom dust trap, and activated carbon disposable panel filters.

"Air Filtration Products, Inc."

instrument fan filters and fan accessories.

"Air Flow Technology"

manufactures all filters for paint spraybooths, industrial overspray applications, powder coating, HVAC, and is the U.S. distributor for Speritex downdraft diffusion media.

"Air Kontrol Inc."

manufacturer of HVAC, appliance and dust collection air filters for residential, commercial, industrial and institutional applications worldwide.

"Air Sponge Filter Company"

patented air filters for removing harmful contaminants.


manufacturer of electrostatic air filters to remove pollen, dust, and other irritants.

"Airex Corporation"

manufacturer of air filters, air filtration systems, and custom filtration products for the commercial, institutional, technical, and residential industries.


filtration solutions for controlling contamination.

"Airstream Filters"

electrostatic air filters.

"Allosep Inc."

selling filtration products and custom built equipment.

"American Filtration"

replacement filters for residential and commercial systems.


indoor air quality (air filters, duct cleaning)

"Assured Fresh Air Purification Inc."

air purification systems using ionzation and, activated oxygen to kill germs, bateria, mold spores, odors, and cigarette smoke.


offering permanent electrostatic air filters that are reusable and washable.

"Atrex Heating Controls Ltd"

offers HVAC goods, including furnaces, air conditioners, fireplaces, and air filtration systems.

"Austin Air Systems"

manufacturer of the air cleaner for home or business.

"B & B Technology, Inc."

manufacturer of commercial and industrial air filtration products.

"B&W Enterprises"

provides high quality filters for the home or business including washable filters in aluminum and stainless steel as well as other brands.

"Banyon Tree Clean Air Systems"

devices for the elimination of indoor pollution problems


repair and parts for electronic air cleaners.


making residential and commercial ionizing air purifiers.

"Best A/C Filter"

sells air filters for home use.


supplies Torit replacement filters for most cartridge dust collectors.

"Care Tech Industries"

products for air quality

"Cascade Climate Control"

offers furnace, pleated, fiberglass, and electrostatic air filters.

"Clairion Home Care Products, Inc."

producer of an air filter, ionizer and ceiling fan all in one.

"Clean Indoor Air"

Gray Matter®. - new, affordable, disposable, electrostatic, activated carbon air filters - cure sick-building-syndrome by removing odors, molecular irritants and allergens, leaving indoor air truly clean and attractive.


offering home airfilters with an antimicrobial that reduces or eliminates dust, pollen, mold, and bacteria for better IAQ (indoor air quality). No washing required.

"Columbus Industries, Inc"

performance engineered air filter products.

"CP Environmental Filters"

manufactures and services a broad range of containment and collection systems for dust, fumes and the collection of dry particulate product.

"CSR Industries, Inc."

manufactures the Cosa Tron contamination reduction system.

"Delta Filtration Ltd."

Manufacturer of semi-finished air filtration products for HVAC applications, exporting to over 24 countries.

"Discount Filters"

offering air intake, coalescing, and purification filters as well as synthetic compressor oil.

"Diversified Marketing"

automobile air purifier.

"Dp Filters Inc"

provides commercial and industrial accounts with quality air filtration products and services.

"Dust Free Division"

Electrostatic air filter and air cleaner manufacturer.

"E.L. Foust Co."

offering air and water purification systems, furnace and air conditioner products, books, and related items.

"Eco-Air Products, Inc."

manufacturer and designer of air filtration


manufactures ionizing air filters.

"Filter Services Illinois"

furnace filters.

"Filter Solutions - Custom Size Disposable Air Filters"

We specialize in custom and odd size disposable air filters. Frameless PSF media provides optimum filtration and air flow at a low cost.

"Filtera.com delivers quality filters through out North America"

Filtera delivers air quality solutions through our website and with multipoint distribution of quality products. We delivered filters into 42 states with thousands of satified customers.

"Filtration Group Companies"

manufacturer of a broad range of air and gas phase filtration products.

"Glasfloss Industries, Inc."

air filters for industrial, commercial and residential applications.

"Gulf Air Filters Factory"

products include bag, aluminum, panel, roll, riga flow, pleated, synthetic, washable, and hp air filters.


specializes in spark detection and suppression systems for the protection of dust collectors and air conveyance systems.

"Healthier 2000 Inc"

specializing in quality water and air purification systems.

"Hepworth Air Filtration (HAF)"

specialises in the manufacture of non-woven media for use in air filtration.

"Industrial Filter Fabrics (IFF)"

suppliers and manufacturers of filteration solutions for air and water purification problems for the industrial sector.

"Innerspace Research"

offers parts for new or old high pressure compressors, oils for breathing compressors, and filter chambers and cartridges for breathing systems.

"International Air Filtration Corporation"

manufacturing filtration systems for the removal ethylene and airborn microbes to prevent spoilage of produce and cut flowers.

"IonAir Company, The"

air ionization systems ranging from ones you can carry with you to large stationary models.

"JA Collins Products Unlimited"

sells air filters to aid people who suffer from asthma, seasonal allergies, or pet allergies.

"Kleenair Group"

manufactures a wide range of commercial air cleaners capable of eliminating almost any form of particulate pollution.

"Koch Filter Corporation"

manufactures commercial, industrial, hospital, and paint booth filtration systems.

"Leeder, Inc."

manufacturer of air filters.

"Lifetime Filter"

makers of the electrostatic air filter.

"LK Air Quality, Inc."

develops, manufactures and installs automatically-controlled air ionization systems.

"LTG Air Engineering"

supplier of Industrial Air Conditioning Systems and the technology leader in regenerative filters.

"Madison Heating Supply"

the Designer Filter Grille mitigates allergy irritants, reduces pollen, dust, dander, and mold spores from indoor air through heating, ventilating and air conditioning(HVAC) systems.

"Mgt Online Sdn. Bhd."

- offers air ionizers for cars, rooms, and refrigerators.


specialists in dust & pollution control, filters & filtration, mineral fibre manufacturing, and practical ceramic technology for developing countries

"National Filter Media Corp."

air pollution control and liquid filtration products.

"Nordfab Systems Inc"

manufactures dust collection and air filtration products, including the Quik-Fit clamp-together duct system.

"North-Monsen Company of Colorado, Inc."

a manufacturer''s representative specializing in dust control, powder process, bulk storage, and handling equipment. Providing dry material systems integration.

"NorthStream Industries Ltd"

manufactures of filters and dust collection systems and offers engineer, system designer, and installation services as well.

"OsKar Antipollution of America"

industrial and automotive repair facility air cleaning and filtration equipment including fume arms and portable equipment for welding and industrial smoke and fumes.

"Pentex Ionizer"

"Pollution Research"

designers and manufacturers of self contained, non-electronic HEPA Clean Air Systems for residential, commercial and industrial applications.

"Power Aire, Inc."

offering inline air filters and more.


allergy and asthma relief catalog that carries environmental control products.

"Pure Air Systems, Inc."

offering HEPA whole house filtration systems.


offers air cleaners and water filters for home and business applications.

"Quality Filters, Inc."

manufacturer of HVAC filters. Also offers a full line of paint filtration products.

"Regenerative Environmental Equipment Co. Inc"

VOC, air toxics, and odor control systems for industry.

"Scented Air Filters"

manufacturer of HVAC scented air filters for residences or businesses. Also offers scented ceiling fan blade strips.

"Sonic Dry Clean International"

air filter drycleaning technologies. We have a patented machine that safely cleans diesel engine air filters.


silent, low-maintenance, inexpensive air filtration system.

"True Blue Company"

residential and industrial air filters.

"Ultrafilter International"

filters and dryers for compressed air, gas and fluid separations.

"United Air Specialists Ltd."

air pollution control systems. a Clarcor company.

"United Air Specialists, Inc."

manufacturer of commercial and industrial electrostatic precipitation air cleaning equipment & supplies.


allergy free and electro-static filters for home and business use.

"Web Products, Inc"

electrostatic furnace filters for improved air quality and allergy relief in your home.

"Wheelabrator Air Pollution Control, Inc."

design and supply of air pollution control systems, fabric filters, precipitators, wet or dry scrubbers, and NOx control systems for industry.

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