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"Air Purifiers from Achoo Allergy"
Offering a complete line of quality HEPA air purifiers and filters

"Absolute Air Cleaners and Purifiers"

offers a variety of products for dust, allergy, and asthma control.

"Activated Oxygen Air Purifier Systems"

improves indoor air quality for allergy, asthma, and sinus sufferers bydestroying airborne pollutants caused by mold, mildew, smoke, and other pollutants, leaving a fresh, clean scent.

"Advanced Air Care Inc"

offering products and services to improve indoor air quality.

"AERNOVA Engineering S.r.l."

developing and manufacturing emissions and contamination control equipment for industrial and lab applications; and home air filtration/cooling systems.


manufactures of indoor air purification systems for commercial and residential buildings and automobiles.

"Alls Well Health"

Enjoy fresh air indoors with our revolutionary air purifier. Using two patent-pending technologies it dramatically reduces all indoor pollutants up to 3,000 square feet with no filters to clean.

"Assured Fresh Air Purification Inc."

air purification systems using ionzation and, activated oxygen to kill germs, bateria, mold spores, odors, and cigarette smoke.

"Austin Air Systems Limited"

offers HEPA filters and air cleaners.

"Banyon Tree Clean Air Systems"

devices for the elimination of indoor pollution problems


making residential and commercial ionizing air purifiers.

"Biosystems, Inc."

gas detection, air purification, and "PosiChek" SCBA testers.

"Bosoung Electronics"

manufactures air purifiers and filters with gas and dust sensors for commercial and residential use.

"BRC S.A."

produces and issues decontamination, hygienic, disaffection, and insect control equipment.

"BreatheFree Products, Inc."

offers air purifiers and other indoor personal environment control products.

"Clean Indoor Air"

Gray Matter®. - new, affordable, disposable, electrostatic, activated carbon air filters - cure sick-building-syndrome by removing odors, molecular irritants and allergens, leaving indoor air truly clean and attractive.


air purifiers that use HEPA technology and activated carbon filters to clean indoor air.

"Discount Filters"

offering air intake, coalescing, and purification filters as well as synthetic compressor oil.

"Diversified Marketing"

automobile air purifier.

"Dominic Hunter"

supplying compressed air purification systems for production facilities.

"Dust Free Division"

Electrostatic air filter and air cleaner manufacturer.

"E.L. Foust Co."

offering air and water purification systems, furnace and air conditioner products, books, and related items.


manufacturer of HEPA-filtered heat recovery ventilators and humidity reducers for home and office use.

"Filtaire Inc."

manufacturer of mobile air purification systems.


A/C Products

"Healthier 2000 Inc"

specializing in quality water and air purification systems.

"HealthWay Products Co. Inc."

manufacturers of air purification products for residential and commercial applications.

"Hedback Quality Air"

offers residential, commercial, and industrial purifiers and filters.

"In Search of Pure Air"

Reproduce clean, fresh outdoor air!

"In-Viro Care Inc"

indoor air quality and duct cleaning services and air purifiers in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean.

"Industrial Filter Fabrics (IFF)"

suppliers and manufacturers of filteration solutions for air and water purification problems for the industrial sector.

"InnovaTek Incorporated"

develops and commercializes air purification systems and new fuel cell technologies.

"IonAir Company, The"

air ionization systems ranging from ones you can carry with you to large stationary models.

"LK Air Quality, Inc."

develops, manufactures and installs automatically-controlled air ionization systems.

"Mgt Online Sdn. Bhd."

- offers air ionizers for cars, rooms, and refrigerators.

"NorthStream Industries Ltd"

manufactures of filters and dust collection systems and offers engineer, system designer, and installation services as well.


generators for air and water purification.


generators for air and water purification.

"Pentex Ionizer"


resale and distribution of water and air purification products for commercial, industrial, and residential application.


allergy and asthma relief catalog that carries environmental control products.

"PureAir Direct Ionizers"

Ionizer air purifiers for indoor air quality of large rooms, homes and cars. Silent electronic air purifiers that clean air, improve mood and leave fresh scent.


maker of indoor air purification systems, distributed by Indoor Air Solutions.

"Regenerative Environmental Equipment Co. Inc"

VOC, air toxics, and odor control systems for industry.

"RFG Triatomic"

offers air purification systems for home, office, cars, public restrooms and commercial areas.

"Safe Home Products, Inc."

products monitor dangers, family health, security, etc.

"Seil Co Ltd"

Electric Fans, Air Cleaners, Humidifiers

"Sentry Air Systems, Inc."

manufactures a patented line of high-efficiency modular benchtop air purifier devices.

"STI: Indoor Air Quality"

Sparks Technology, Inc. provides the discussion and definition of IAQ issues. It also provides products to resolve those issues.

"Universal Air Technology, Inc."

making purifiers which use photocatalytic oxidation to eliminate microbes, bioaerosols and volatile organic carbons.

"Wolverton Environmental Service Inc"

use of phytoremediation techniques for solving environmental pollution problems.

"Xideko srl"

Xideko produces electronic air cleaners and sterilizers, air curtainsand induatrial air cleaners. It distributes air conditioning and heating plants and dehumifiers.

"Zenion Industries, Inc"

electronic environmental control products.

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